Adopted Labs


  • Male
  • Silver
  • 1 year
  • Status:

Harley is a very handsome one year old silver Lab with a big heart. He is housebroken, very friendly, gets along with other dogs, kids, and even tolerates cats. He knows sit, paw, other paw and (sometimes listens to) “come”. He’s a 70 pound cuddle bug that likes to always be near his foster mom and will even try to climb on her lap! He has some separation anxiety when she goes to work but is doing much better in his crate. He is pretty well-behaved when left to free roam in the house so long as he has some toys to keep him occupied. Harley likes to chew on tough toys, play tug and fetch. He gets along with cats and other dogs, but doesn’t like to share his food or toys, so he is separated from other animals and little hands at feeding, and is also monitored with new toys. Harley would benefit from obedience training, which will help him not pull when on-leash. His perfect spot would be in a home with no small children.