Pet Stories

Harley’s New BFF

Harley is headed for a grand future with his new adopter, Leslee!


CILRA adopter, Karen, shared this video of Haley entertaining herself in the backyard with a buffalo horn. It looks like she’s having a blast (and had a serious case of Zoomies!)!

Clarence, protected during eclipse

Clarence is an adopted CILRA Lab in Ohio. “Protected during eclipse. It was amazing — wow.”

Bo and Lily

Lily is doing FANTASTIC. She and her new brother are living the life and we can’t imagine a time where we didn’t have her as part of our family! — Morgan & Andrew C. [Lily is black and Bo is yellow; both are CILRA Labs]


Here’s an excerpt from the couple who adopted Emma, and who spend time in the southwest: “…As you can see, she [Emma] loves spending time on our patio. She usually picks a shady spot so it isn’t easy to get a good picture of her. In Rockford with our 6 acres Emma can be out…

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