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Summertime means being outside with our family and pets. But it’s critical to keep our four-legged friends (and even us humans!) safe from disease. Tick exposure can occur year-round, especially with climate change, but ticks are most active during the months of April through September. Protect Yourself and Your Pet from Ticks · Use a…

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Meet & Greets at Happy Dog Barkery – June 17

Next event is June 17! And a Big thanks to Happy Dog Barkery staff for allowing us to host our last fun event. Here are the dates for our 2023 Meet and Greets at Happy Dog Barkery  (10 am to 2 pm Central Standard Time), 5118 Main St, Downers Grove, IL. June 17 July 15…

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In Search of Special Transporter(s)!

CILRA periodically needs help picking up rescued Labs on Tuesday afternoons in the Chicago suburbs (Tinley Park or Hinsdale) and delivering them to their next destination in the Chicago area. Often this means dropping a Lab off at a veterinary office or taking them to their foster home. If this might be a good fit…

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We needed your financial help, and you came through!

A big THANK YOU to all of you that made a donation, whether large or small, each and every donation mattered! Your contributions made an impact on helping us reach our goal to fill in the financial gap we faced at the beginning of the year. We also appreciate your encouraging words that often accompanied…

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CILRA Volunteer Opportunity

CILRA is growing and so is the number of Labs we are helping! We’re currently looking for a Transport Coordinator. This position involves organizing transports for Labs on an as-needed basis, and enlisting drivers from the CILRA transport volunteer list. Day-time availability is a plus in order to monitor transports. This position requires good organizational…

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Thanks to Jane for 22 years of service to CILRA!

CILRA’s long-time volunteer Jane W. has compiled the CILRA “Lab Tracks” spreadsheet for 22 years! Our newly-adopted Shelter Manager program will now keep track of the dogs CILRA takes into rescue. As Jane recently said, “I’m so proud of the good work CILRA has done. Lab Tracks is a good document to use when people…

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It’s good to let your dog sniff on walks

Dogs devote about 40 times more brain volume to decoding smells than people do. Read about the benefits of slow ‘sniff’ walks here:

Support CILRA through Chewy

Interested in supporting CILRA? If so, please consider purchasing items through Chewy! CILRA’s Chewy account allows you to buy much-needed items for our foster pups who are waiting for their forever homes by purchasing items on our wishlist. Another way you can contribute is if you are a first-time purchaser of Chewy and utilize our…

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The Betty White Challenge – thanks for participating!

The social media campaign to raise funds in Betty White’s name was a huge success, and benefited countless animal shelters and rescue groups across the country – including CILRA. Many thanks to everyone who participated!

Pictures with Santa at Happy Dog Barkery

Pictures with Santa was a great success at Happy Dog Barkery! About 135 pets were photographed with Santa, including Kenny, a 4-mo. old piglet. Thanks to the wonderful Illinois volunteers and a special Thank You to Happy Dog Barkery in Downers Grove, IL!

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