In Memory

Sad Hearts, Happy Memories

This page is devoted to those beloved Labs who are no longer with us. If you have stories or photos to share, please click here. To make a donation in a particular Lab’s memory, click here.


We got our sweet Stella from CILRA almost 12 years ago. She was the best dog and we will miss her! Stella loved her backyard and can now chase all the bunnies and chipmunks she wants! Thank you CILRA for all you do for these beautiful puppies! — Jeff and Becky F.


Sophie came to our family on Christmas Eve Day, 2012. She was found wandering and luckily a young man found her and called CILRA. Our family took Sophie in as a foster however, quickly realized that like all Labs, she filled our hearts with joy and so she had found her forever home. Sophie was…

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I adopted Jake about 12 years ago, and he was always a gentle placid companion. He passed away during the night 19 April, and will be sorely missed. He spent the last couple of years of his life in Florida. He was about 14 years old. RIP buddy. — John K.


We adopted Hoosier on Veterans Day 2012. Monday, May 3 Ron and I had to make the hardest decision of our lives. We chose to end Hoosier’s pain. We fought every battle as hard as we could but in the end dysplasia and arthritis won the war. Hoosier gave us the happiest nine years. He…

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We adopted Jacie December 24, 2009 from CILRA. She passed away on November 24, 2020. She was just shy of being with us 11 years. She apparently had a break in one of her hind legs prior to us adopting her that was not set properly if at all. So she had a chronic malunion….

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