Shopping Donations

Did you know that by shopping at Kroger, you can help CILRA?

Kroger offers a way for shoppers to help their community by making fund-raising easy. It’s called Kroger Community Rewards!

If you shop at Kroger and have their Kroger card, it’s easy to sign up and select CILRA as the beneficiary.

Go to Kroger Rewards Sign Up and either sign in, or create an account. Once you have created an account and signed in, go to Edit Kroger Community Rewards and input your Kroger Plus number. Enter the NPO number for CILRA (HN393) or select CILRA from the list.

Next time you shop, make sure you swipe your Kroger card. Then check your Kroger receipt and you should see CILRA listed at the bottom.

You not only get your milk, bread and dog food, but you’ll be helping CILRA raise money to help more Labs. Thank you!