Available Labs


  • Female
  • Black Lab mix
  • 3 months
  • Fostered In:
    Monticello, IL
  • Status:

Meet Poppy! She’s an affectionate and gentle black Lab mix who is about 3 months old. She’s very active and, like any pup, a bit mischievous! She is quickly learning house rules, and is clever enough to ring the bells that hang on the doors when she needs to go out.

Poppy is super smart and learns very fast. She already knows “sit,” “no,” and “down” (laying on the ground). She walks well on and off leash. She does need a fenced yard, as she has been an escape artist – but she ran straight back to her foster Mom after she got out.

Poppy is all puppy – loves to run and play. She plays well with the other dog in her foster home – it took her a while to get him to let her curl up and fall asleep with him but she was persistent. She would lay down away from him and casually work herself closer and closer until she could gently put her paw on him. He relented!

Poppy is teething, and wants to chew and bite things, just like any puppy. Loud noises scare her – especially the vacuum and loud trucks. She rides very well in a car and likes baths (which is good since she’s also very attracted to water, dirt and mud!). She’s being fostered in Monticello, IL.