Pet Stories

Tammy hit the jackpot!

Tammy hit the jackpot and has found a wonderful new family!


Bopper is a “tri-ped” CILRA Lab who was adopted about 8 years ago by Sharon T. and Gayle O.  Sadly, Sharon passed away recently. Bopper keeps providing Gayle with companionship and love.

Appa & Ozai

CILRA recently offered to do a courtesy posting for 2 sweet Lab mixes who had been in a very caring foster care program through the rescue group ARK. The dogs had been with ARK for almost 2 years without a single inquiry. We posted them on the “Shelters & More” page of our website, and…

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Fran, Art, and Emma

CILRA recently received a lovely note from the couple who adopted Emma. Here are excerpts, and some photos. Enjoy! One day when I was going through photos looking for a couple “old” ones, I came across one that was taken in front of our Christmas tree back when we first had Shadow, our first CILRA…

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Father Karl & Jett

[CILRA received this note and photo from a past adopter] Merry Christmas, thanks for all you do. Attached is Father Karl and Jett the church dog getting ready for the Christmas Masses this weekend. Just one example of how what you do changes the life of a dog and a community. A CILRA dog in…

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