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Worked from home today so we had an evening walk at the beach. Thank you all, especially Katie, for introducing us to this sweet guy!  — George B. & Mary F.


We adopted Mac (formerly Copper) on 10/25/18. We absolutely love him, and he’s very happy! We have lake property and he loves going down there. He’ll sit by the things I pack to take and refuse to move. If the truck door is open, he gets in and refuses to get back out! When we…

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My newly adopted CILRA Lab….Lana.  My CILRA Lab Mattie is in the foreground, Lana is in back. She’s a great Lab! — Gregg K.

Mylee – Livin’ the Dream

Mylee, Livin’ the Dream!

Bella’s New Home

Bella and Louie are doing great so far! I did not hear a peep out of them last night!! 😂 Thank you for everything Robbie! We love Bella so much!  Jennifer, Charlize & Family

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