Big Minnie & Lil Minnie

We have really enjoyed having Minnie join our household. Since her new big sister’s name is also Minnie, we thought it would be hard to change her name. So we now have a Big Minnie and Lil Minnie, and they are both black Labs! Lol Even so, they have become fast friends and Big Minnie enjoys “mothering” Lil Minnie.

We have a trainer come every week or two to help train her in obedience and train us to be better parents/owners. She is doing very well with the training, and she has also mastered our invisible fence training in no time! She enjoys daily walks in the neighborhood and is learning to behave around the neighborhood dogs.

We love Lil Minnie so much and hope to have many years of love and companionship with her!

We will keep you updated on the adventures of the Minnie’s!

Judy & Rodney G.