Updates on Skye and Minnie

Skye and Minnie were recently adopted by two loving families, and CILRA received this update from their foster Dad, Doug:

“I checked in on Skye today and got a glowing report. They think Skye is awesome! Skye went to Barkefellers and passed the temperament test with flying colors. She did well in doggy day care/play group. I am sure she will become a favorite there in short order.

I also checked in on Minnie today and got another glowing report. They just love Minnie. Little Minnie and big Minnie (Pearl) are getting along very well. Little Minnie is encouraging big Minnie to be more active , which is helping with big Minnie’s mobility.

I have attached the pics they shared with me.

I am very happy to have been involved in the process to find both dogs great homes. Just wanted to share the positive feedback.    — Doug”