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This page is devoted to those beloved Labs who are no longer with us. If you have stories or photos to share, please click here. To donate through PayPal in a particular Lab’s memory, click here.


We adopted Tyson in 2009. He was renamed Cooper after we got him. We lived in Mishawaka until 2013 and then moved up north to Traverse City, Michigan. He was an amazing guy – full of energy! Two weeks ago he developed some health issues that were diagnosed as liver and lymph node cancer. We…

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Sophie became part of our family June 2014. CILRA rescued her 7 months earlier from a horder’s house. Sophie was “lowest man on the totem pole” with many dogs and cats. She was afraid of everything. She couldn’t hear, never barked and had only 1 tooth. When she ate her food, she would stop and…

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We lost Boomer today. He was our first “foster failure”. He held on longer than we expected after his diagnosis with a tumor – coming through surgery beautifully but having a heart attack in recovery. We think he may have realized there were probably better meals and treats over the rainbow. Mealtimes will never be…

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We were fortunate to have Dandy and Tank, mom and son Labs, help us raise our kids. Every dog that shared its life with us has been the best dog ever. But none taught me as much as Charlie. Charlie came to us through CILRA’s Rikki in Indy. Not two months earlier, we had euthanized…

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Ruger and Kahne

We said goodbye to both our sweet CILRA boys during the holidays: Ruger the day after Thanksgiving and Kahne on Christmas Eve. We adopted them when they were 2 and had 12 wonderful years together – years that passed much too quickly. We’ll always remember Ruger burying himself in the tomato plants to pick ripe…

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