In memory of my beautiful Max.

I have always hated the C word as I have lost many wonderful people in my life….but today I have another reason to hate it.

RIP my beautiful Max. You were my doodlebug, big smooshie, love bug, snuggle bug. Blind at 9 months, you “saw” the world full of adventure. A big cuddly boy – you were always happy and provided smiles and non-stop love. You adapted to every change with ease and willingness to embrace that change. You survived Indiana heat, rain, ice and snow before I met you…and then slept through hurricane Ian. I was so very blessed to have you for 6 years of your 12 1/2, but no amount of time is enough.

You are loved and will always hold a special place in my heart. You will be missed, even grumpy Harley misses you.

Holly H.J.