Fran, Art, and Emma

CILRA recently received a lovely note from the couple who adopted Emma. Here are excerpts, and some photos. Enjoy!

One day when I was going through photos looking for a couple “old” ones, I came across one that was taken in front of our Christmas tree back when we first had Shadow, our first CILRA Lab. I still remember Lauren P. calling us to say that she thought she had the perfect Lab for us, only that he was a black Lab rather than a yellow Lab which we had said we preferred. How fortunate that she knew us better than we knew ourselves as each time, since then, we have favored adopting a black Lab. One of my objections was “silly,” but I said that they are hard to photograph which is evident in our pictures.

I ended up searching through pictures and finding ones of each of our 3 previous Labs and now took a picture in front of our current tree with Emma. You will see that we used to have “huge” trees, but as we have aged, as much as I would still love the big tree, our tree this year is far more practical for us.

I printed the picture below and included it with our year end donation, also writing a note saying how each of our Labs have been special and how grateful we continue to be for CILRA in our lives.

We continue to adapt situations that work best for Emma, and we are so happy that no one was interested in her throughout the time she was on the adoption list. She probably would have done just fine with another family, but then we would be missing out on the joy she brings to the two of us. She did “great” in AZ, and we now look forward to returning with her for the winter months.

May 2024 be a good year for you and your family, and a good one for CILRA and the dogs you continue to rescue!

— Fran, Art & Emma