Dear Dale Time

Dale was adopted by Amber C., who recently sent this update:

Dale and I were hanging out on the patio this evening after a good round of Furminating. I told him to give you a big smile. I’ll get more of him when I have more daylight. This is adorable though and I had to share. I’ll have to get a short video of him when he gets his bark box. He’s hilarious. Now every time an Amazon package comes for my daughter, he’s sure it’s for him. He’s definitely spoiled a little and very loved. He’s always smiling like this so I know he’s happy here…no doubt. I am so thankful I have him every day. On Sept 13 it will be a year since my husband’s passing. I don’t know how I would have gotten through this past year without my dear Dale. He’s very comforting, so tuned in to my feelings and so full of love. He never leaves my side…so loyal. Thank you again for matching us up. He’s perfect!   — Amber

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