CILRA Volunteer Opportunities!

CILRA is growing and so are the number of Labs we are helping!

CILRA is currently looking for two volunteers to serve on the Board, including the officer position of Board Secretary. The responsibilities of the board secretary includes compiling Board meeting agendas, recording notes of meetings and keeping accurate records. This position requires effective communication, good organizational and computer skills as well as attention to detail. There are no restrictions on where Board members live, as meetings are conducted via Zoom.

Additional volunteer opportunities are:

* Transport Coordinator which entails organizing transports for Labs on an as-needed basis, enlisting drivers from the CILRA transport volunteer list.

* Volunteer Coordinator : Communicate with people on the volunteer list and match volunteers to help in areas of their interest and need.

If you’d like to talk more about volunteering as a CILRA Board member or Team member please email us at or leave a voice message at 888-882-1900. Thank you!