It makes me happy believing that Sam is now pain free, has his hair back, a healthy heart, good hips and no further reflux while is is running around and free. I believe one day we will be together again as I enter the heavens. He will be there along with all the other family dogs. Sam was a dog that protected me and loved me unconditionally. He loved almost everybody and everybody loved him. Only one person he stayed by and growled as the man walked into one of our previous residences to give me a quote for painting. Sam truly did not like this guy. I put Sam in the bedroom and Sam wanted no part of being in the room. I let him out and went back to the man and growled. Needless to say I knew my dog didn’t trust this guy and there was no way I was hiring him. That is the only time my dog reacted to anyone. With everyone else Sam was chilled and soaked up all the attention he could.
I will miss my boy and probably never find a dog as sweet and loving as Sam. He has certainly taken a piece of my heart with him that’s for sure. He brought so much joy, laughs and companionship into my life and I was truly blessed that he was in my life. I will never ever forget you buddy. Until we meet again big Sam!!❤  — Tina F.