Indy to us was many things, a pet, a friend, and a member of the family. When we first got Indy, he was very hyper, and it made me worry. But, he was able to prove himself to us and brought us thirteen years of loving memories. Whenever we came home, he would always greet us with a smile and a wagging tail. It seems that just that was able to brighten your day. Whenever we went to our local park, he was always able to somehow find a baseball. He really raised the bar for us for good boys. He was truly one of a kind and no one could ever ask for a better dog. He was amazing with children, and our kids made many loving memories with him. We will never forget that smiling face and wagging tail or “love meter”. He has left such an impact on us, and he will always be the greatest dog in our book. We love him with all our hearts, and are sure our ‘Indy Chocolate Brown’ is waiting for us on the Rainbow Bridge.  Thank you Indy,

Your forever family [John M. & Family]