Central Indiana Lab Rescue & Adoption

Lab Puppy


Here is a picture of Zeus and Reggie. As you can see, they are adjusting to each other very well! The two enjoy racing around the yard chasing each other as well as racing after the frisbee we toss. Reggie is quite the snuggler and we feel very fortunate to have him join our family.

One funny story – we have a small can with a lid where we store our dog food. We began the transition from Reggie’s old food to Zeus’ food yesterday. Apparently Reggie really liked the new food, as we found him with his head in the can eating the food yesterday afternoon. I apparently hadn’t closed the lid completely and he nudged it open and started eating. Thankfully he didn’t get much before we caught him and didn’t get sick from eating extra. 🙂

Thanks to Robbie M. for her assistance in joining us with Reggie!

Jamie B.