CILRA is celebrating 25 years of helping Labs and we’re sharing stories about some of the wonderful Labs we’ve rescued over the years. This story was written by Bopper’s adopters, Sharon T. and Gayle O.

This is Bopper, our black Lab tripod. We call him Bopper (The Big Bopper) because on his three legs, he naturally tends to bop up & down when walking. We adopted Bopper when he was two and just 7 days after we lost our great black Lab Carlo who was God’s special treasure, another CILRA Lab. We believe that Carlo helped to bring us Bopper.

Bopper is our 1st tripod, so we researched how best to care for him. We started swimming him every two weeks in a pool owned by a former veterinarian. His first accomplishment was 3 tennis balls in his mouth at one time. Next, he did something the instructor had never seen before. He kicked off the side of the pool with his back two legs and jumped straight up in the air and spun around. We also started him on monthly physical therapy to keep his joints and muscles strong.

Bopper is a very loving, affectionate, and friendly dog. When Carol (his great foster parent) brought him to us, he kind of sprinted over to us and gave us big kisses. Bopper makes great friends wherever he goes. He wags his tail and looks for pets and praise from all passer byes on our walks. He is a great companion. Bopper knows when someone is feeling down as he will instinctively come over for attention (that he wants to give to you) and lay by you and stay until he thinks you are feeling better. He will lay his head on your lap or your leg and just sigh with his big brown eyes and give you big slurpies (kisses) if your face is near his reach.
Bopper is super smart too:

1. When Auntie goes out, he races through the house to tell Mom.
2. When Auntie gets home, he races through the house to tell Mom she is home.
3. When I walk thru the house with my walker, he looks to see if I have enough room to go past him: if he thinks his paw is in the way, he just moves his paw or his whole body if that’s in the way.

Bopper is eight years old, but still acts like a boy. Sure, he has slowed down a bit, but his enthusiasm is still at a 10. Every day when he knows that we are going for a “ride in the car” to go for our walk at a local park, he circles and jumps straight up in the air several times until we get into the car.

Our Bopper is one special boy (just like they all are) and we love him very much and thank CILRA very much for letting us adopt him.

Sharon T. and Gayle O.