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Belle Comes to Florida

Belle, a 9 year old yellow girl, formerly named Bo, became homeless in late February after the very sudden and unexpected death of her owner, Connie B., an early CILRA adopter and long-time volunteer in Indiana. Sadly, Belle was taken to the local shelter the next day.

Connie’s good friend, Julie, became aware of Belle’s situation and contacted CILRA immediately. She knew Belle, and knew she must be very scared and confused. Robbie M., CILRA intake coordinator, immediately found out the details, found a foster home with Lynn P. for Belle, and arranged transport with the help of Julie. I received the news of Connie’s death and of Belle’s situation. Having known Connie for many years and of her love of dogs, I felt a great sadness and decided that Belle could have a home with us.

With Belle in Indiana and Don & I in Florida, the work began to find a way to get her to us. First, we were able to fill three of four stages of a transport plan, but with time running out, I had CILRA volunteer Mark H. send out a Constant Contact email asking for help. Then the miracle happened! Bev H., a supporter of CILRA from the beginning and my good friend, called as soon as she saw the email. Her daughter, from near Athens, GA, was visiting and returning the next weekend and would give Belle a ride.

Don and I drove to Athens, GA on March 11, met Tammy and husband Bruce to get Belle, and brought her home the next day. Belle has settled in with Koda and our Bo. Yes, we had a Bo, thus the name change to Belle. She was born with a heart condition known as tricuspid valve dysplasia and will have a cardiac workup with echocardiogram later in April so that we can know if she has any limits on activity. We did go to the dog beach this week and Belle approved by laying down in the still chilly water. My dreams of once again having a Lab who loves the water have come true. Belle has retired to Florida.

— Jan C.