Central Indiana Lab Rescue & Adoption

Lab Puppy


We adopted Baxter almost 4 yrs ago and he just becomes more precious to us and a greater gift to us every day.
During this pandemic, especially, he has been the comfort of comfort dogs❤️🐶. He is such a joy…the never ending joy to take for walks – he’s excited as though he hasn’t been out in days (and it’s only been literally hours). He’s such a sweetheart w/affection and he IS our walking alarm clock. 6am-comes up on our bed to cuddle til we’re ready to get up. 5pm-let’s us know it’s time for dinner. 7pm-ish he gets up from his after-dinner nap to let us know it’s time for his treat ball 🏈  Then he slinks into his comfy couch for some 💤’s.  Just had to share how MUCH we love him and how precious he is to us❤️🐶🤗  Thank you so much for blessing us with him!😘   —Susan R. & Family