Tucker became part of our family on March 1st, 2014.  I knew from day one that I had picked up a troublemaker but I loved him all the same.  He tested my patience many times as he got into the garbage, took off after rabbits and raccoons, tore up his toys and tennis balls within 2 minutes of receiving them, and tried to dart out the door.  However, he also loved us unconditionally and us him.  He was goofy, loved to play, and was full of life.   He was a fantastic addition to our home and made me feel safer since he was a 95 lbs Lab and nobody was going to mess with him or me when he was with me.  Sadly, Tucker began to show signs of being sick in late February of 2015.  On March 9th, he was diagnosed with liver cancer and on April 4th, 2015, he crossed the rainbow bridge with his head in my hands and my face in his and my fiancé scratching his belly.  We only had a year with him but it was an amazing year and I am happy he had a home where he was loved after such a rough start as a young dog.  He will always be my first furry baby that I called my own and he will forever have a piece of our hearts.

–Brittany Huish and Ryan Dietrich