We sadly said goodbye to our Tator on November 8. We adopted him from CILRA and he stole our hearts! Here is the tribute we posted on Facebook about our boy:
“Goodbye sweet Tator!😢 10 things we loved about you:
1. Tator, birds fought over the soft fur you shed ( yes, the same fur we picked off our clothes and out of our coffee😉);
2. Your “lab lean” was priceless;
3. You never complained about the heel of the bread ( truth be told, you’d eat the whole loaf if it was within your reach on the counter😳);
4. You were a wonderful companion on the boat and at the Michigan lakehouse ;
5. Walking with you was the best- you walked when we did, you stopped when we stopped and you didn’t pull on the leash;
6. You obediently followed commands- sit, stay, free! even when the grandchildren wanted you to give their stuffed animals a ride;
7. Your enormous Lab/Pyrenees paws could dig to China! If only you dug where new plants were going to go;
8. You alerted us to unsuspecting guests who knocked on our door or rang the doorbell (even though you were sometimes fooled by doorbell sounds on tv🤣);
9. You always finished your vegetables- sweet potatoes, squash without a single complaint;
10. Your love and devotion to us ( knocking over pet gates to sleep on the floor next to the bed, even when cancer had crippled your back legs) was matched by our LOVE for you! 💕

— Jim and Nancy K.