Sophie became part of our family June 2014. CILRA rescued her 7 months earlier from a horder’s house. Sophie was “lowest man on the totem pole” with many dogs and cats. She was afraid of everything. She couldn’t hear, never barked and had only 1 tooth. When she ate her food, she would stop and look over her shoulder to see if someone or something was waiting to take it away. Her first contact with a caring human was her CILRA foster mom Jen. Consequently, Sophie became very attached to Jen. When we would visit Jen, Sophie would light up when got to the old familiar neighborhood. It took Sophie a long time to feel comfortable with us. We were blessed to have had Sophie 4 years. My fondest memory of Sophie was when she would wake up and trot over to my husband for her morning pet on the head. That was more important to her than eating. Someday we will have another dog, but we will never again have a little Sophie. RIP our sweet Angel.   — Linda W. & Family