Sophie came to our family on Christmas Eve Day, 2012. She was found wandering and luckily a young man found her and called CILRA. Our family took Sophie in as a foster however, quickly realized that like all Labs, she filled our hearts with joy and so she had found her forever home.

Sophie was kind of unusual, she could care less about chipmunks, squirrels, geese and birds. If you were a duck, deer or coyote, well, she was quite attentive to say the least. Throw a frisbee and she could grab it out of the air and as she aged, chasing the ball was every bit as much fun. Every walk was an adventure because she always decided where to go and how far. In the past year plus during COVID we went to the cemetery where Sophie could roam off leash and have the time of her life.

Sophie’s favorite was a back scratch however she was never picky. Any petting was A-OK. She loved her routine of meal, walk and snack times along with her before bed green beans. Like clock work every day!

Sophie brought tremendous joy to all …. she is missed and we are so grateful she blessed our family with nine wonderful years!

— Michael G. and Family