Ruger and Kahne

We said goodbye to both our sweet CILRA boys during the holidays: Ruger the day after Thanksgiving and Kahne on Christmas Eve. We adopted them when they were 2 and had 12 wonderful years together – years that passed much too quickly. We’ll always remember Ruger burying himself in the tomato plants to pick ripe ones off the vine and Kahne making sure he always had a pillow available no matter where he was napping (most often the couch or our bed). Bedtime was crazy … 4 bodies (12 feet!) running to our king bed and only 3 bodies finding a spot. You can be sure that one of the humans was always the one left out – the boys were big, strong and knew how to throw a body block! We just know Kahne and Ruger are playing one of their favorite games again – standing on opposite sides of a field and running full force toward each other until they can stand on their hind legs and crash their chests together. They were great dogs. We miss them so much. – Kate and Mike M.