I wanted to reach out to let you know the black Labrador we adopted named Rook back in 2010 (CILRA #876) has passed away. We had to make the decision to put him to sleep four weeks ago today; that was one of the toughest decisions we have had to make as a family. We GREATLY enjoyed the wonderful nine years we were able to have Rook as a part of our family. What a blessing he was for us! Thank you to all at CILRA for matching such wonderful Labs to families such as ours. I cannot express how much Rook meant to us! We still get sad when thinking about him being gone, but also smile at all of the great memories we shared together. We know we will eventually look at adopting another Lab from CILRA in the months ahead. Thank you again for enriching our lives with such a wonderful Lab…Rook will be missed, but will never be forgotten.

Best regards-
Derek & Beth Anne O.