I’m sad to tell you that Ralphie passed away during the night on Saturday. He had been deteriorating over the last several months from typical old age ailments, but this weekend he had a couple of very bad episodes. I was sleeping with him on the family room floor Saturday night and woke up in the middle of the night and he had passed. He was nearly 16 years old! He was the most loyal and loving dog to me/us for 14 years. We are heartbroken, but are comforted knowing we have another yellow doggy angel watching over us, and we’ll look for him in the sunshine, blue skies, and warm breezes. We love you big Ralphie bear!    — Sara and Ed Hasseld

[Sara wrote this about Ralphie: “He was the first of three CILRA Labs I’ve had, and outlived the other two! Your organization is great and we will be looking to CILRA again for the next yellow baby 🙂  Thanks again very much!  Sara Hasseld]