In late August of 2001, our family adopted a mischievous 8 week old female black Lab from CILRA. Missy (Mrs. when she got older) gave us unconditional love and loyalty until 2 days ago, when she died at age 15 years, 7 months. We are so thankful for having the honor of being her family. She lived on (and sometimes swam in) the Fox River, took long walks in a leash-free forest preserve nearly every day of her life and thought a leash was something you only wore when you went to see the vet. Even as she aged, the thrill of the wind in her face on a sunny day never got old to her. We laid beside her and held her as she took her last breath, and that was perhaps the biggest honor of all – knowing that she’ll take our love along on the journey beyond. Farewell sweet girl, you’ll be in our hearts forever.  — Teri M. and Family