I am writing to let you know that our friend Mick passed away on New Year’s Eve from a long struggle with arthritis and possible malignancy. He was a great friend, companion and member of our family for 10 years. We miss him terribly. We have had the privilege of adopting two rescue Labs from CILRA. First we adopted Jack in March of 2003, but only had him for 3 years when he died from stomach cancer at age 10. We missed having a Lab around so in November of 2008, my wife and I drove to Lafayette, Indiana to meet Mick. What a lovable Lab he was! We adopted him, he jumped in the back seat of our car and slept the entire ride back to Orland Park, Illinois. We changed his name from Victor to Mick since we are both of Irish decent. He was the sweetest animal and well loved by many in our town. He was my faithful companion when I ran errands. He loved riding in the car until he was unable to get into the back seat due to his advanced arthritis.  Thank you for bringing such a wonderful animal into our hearts.  — Bob (& Julie) K.