“Our friend and boss, John Hensley, recently lost his pup, Luke, after many years and a good life.  John has worked closely with CILRA in the past.  Accordingly, we are making this donation in honor of Luke and the life he lived.  We hope that Luke’s honor will carry on through the help provided with this donation.  — Best, Friends of Luke [You might see John in TV ads in the morning on Channel 59 for one.  He is a great guy.  — Hensley Legal Group in Indy]

CILRA received this note from John, upon learning of his co-workers’ donation in Luke’s Memory:  “Thank you so much.  I was very moved to hear that they had made a donation in his honor.  What a wonderful way to honor his memory.  Luke was 13 and had been fighting liver cancer for the last three years. He will be missed. “…Rescuing him has been one of the more rewarding things that I have done. Thank you and your organization for giving these wonderful guys and gals a second chance.”   John Hensley