Handsome Hank

Hank (CILRA’s Tank) was such a wonderful dog and our time together was a too short six years.Jan and Don C. fostered him and when I went to meet him he had open scars on his nose, ears, legs, broken teeth and was a very big boy who was lame from unknown causes. It was love at first sight. Despite his life before CILRA rescued him, he was the most evenly tempered, loving dog. Everyone loved him including his vet who often said she had never known a dog with so many health problems who was always happy and just glad to be here. He never played ‘Lab’ games, being unable to run, but it never stopped him from loping around the yard trying to catch rabbits or chipmunks. He was called Handsome Hank by all his friends because his chocolate brother was picture perfect gorgeous and I didn’t want Hank to feel bad. He answered to it and seemed to know he was special. As with all Lab lovers I thought he was the best dog ever and I will always have a hole in my heart until we meet again. — Linda H.