On 1/16/17, our lovely Labbie, Chloe, got her wings. She was 13 and had been with us since she was 4 months old. From the beginning Chloe was an exceptional Lab. One accident in the house, no countersurfing or wastebasket diving, and, she only chewed up 1 pair of shoes. The first night, we told her to “get in your house,” and our very first CILRA Lab, Abbie, crawled in with her (and she hadn’t been crated for years) and kept her company. No crying or whining. Chloe was a skittish Lab. New people, places or situations turned her into a “nervous Nellie.” She loved to sit in the recliner with Neil. I’d look over and she’d have her head on his shoulder and they would both be snoring. She welcomed all the dogs and cats we brought into our home with welcome paws (after an “another one” eye roll. She watched most of these leave us and get their wings. She was tired and it was her turn. A large tumor that was most likely cancerous took her. We miss you Chloe and will always love you! XOXO   — Susie R.