We were blessed to have Bleu become a member of our family in May 2015. She was already 15 years old when we adopted her from CILRA and we knew that our time together would be limited but that didn’t matter. She needed someplace safe and comfortable to spend the rest of her days and we were more than happy to provide that to her. Rain or shine and no matter how bad her arthritis made her feel, she always wanted to go for a morning walk. She wouldn’t let Sue go to upstairs to work in her home office until the walk was done. Then she would sleep the day way rotating between her two pillows. Time finally caught up to her at the end of April 2016 and she passed over the Rainbow Bridge to be with our other Labs. We were truly blessed to have her be a part of our lives even if it was for a short time.   Sue A. & Denise W., Bloomington, IN