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Sophia Maria

  • Female
  • Yellow
  • 9 years
  • Fostered In:
    Indianapolis, IN
  • Status:

9 year old Sophia Maria is a princess of a dog. A kind, loving, affectionate mom, she cuddles close and likes to be loved on and praised. She is learning to walk on her leash outside, and to climb stairs inside but is hesitant going down them. She will enter her crate at night but prefers to sleep near her humans. She likes the outdoors and sleeping by the fireplace. She is getting used to cars and sometimes needs a step stool to enter and climb out of an SUV. She is cat tolerant indoors and mostly ignores them. A cat running outdoors can catch her attention, but she is easily redirected. Sophia is easily spoiled with breakfast in bed just as her regal name suggests. Lovely white coat and peaceful personality, this princess is a keeper. She’s fostered in Indianapolis, IN.