Available Labs


  • Male
  • Silver
  • 4 months
  • Fostered In:
    South Chicago Suburbs
  • Status:

Smokey is a 4 month old silver Lab puppy with a congenital right paw deformity. His right thoracic limb is shorter than his left leg. Smokey has seen an orthopedic surgeon and the recommendation is to continue to monitor Smokey throughout his growth period for his first year. He may grow well with the paw and leg intact. CILRA will work with Smokey’s adopter to assess his health condition as he grows throughout his first year. He is very energetic, playful, and a bit mouthy (puppy!). He is crate trained and doing well. He sleeps through the night but still needs frequent walks during the day – just like any young pup who’s learning the ropes of housebreaking. Smokey plays well with the foster family’s dogs, and goes in the pool a little bit. He loves food and treats, too. Smokey is being fostered in the south Chicago suburbs.