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Rosie B.

  • Female
  • Black
  • 4 years
  • Fostered In:
    Southwest side of Chicago
  • Status:

Rosie is a 4 year old, black 64 lb Labrador Retriever. Although her given AKC name is Rowdy Rosie she is very laid back and loves people. Rosie, has such a sweet, mellow temperament. She gets along beautifully with her foster Lab companions, and likes to sleep on the floor next to her foster parents bed. Rosie walks easily on a leash, without pulling and loves long walks. She is the classic Lab that points when she sees animals in the wild. She has a beautiful Lab appearance with a plush, mink-like black coat with glints of mahogany that show in bright light and a great Labby Otter tail. Rosie knows sit and will now give paw, after patterning from her foster brothers! Rosie will go into the crate, but has been left out with the other foster dogs in the home without issues. She would be best in a home with other dogs for companionship. Bigger children would be fine as well as adults. Cats are an unknown. Rosie is fostered on the southwest side of Chicago.