Available Labs


  • Male
  • Yellow
  • 5 years
  • Fostered In:
    Hoopston, IL (just north of Danville)
  • Status:

Meet Rocky! He’s a 5 year old yellow Lab who is happy, energetic, and Very sociable. This gentle giant loves dogs, cats, and children and gets very excited when meeting them. He does not pull on his leash and enjoys going on walks, doing a cute little bounce up & down when he knows it’s time to go. He also loves to run, given enough room. Rocky weighs about 120 lbs. and has already lost a few lbs. at his foster home. He’s very agile and does fine climbing steps. Rocky has wonderful house manners, and doesn’t need to be crated. He’s still learning not to rush out an open door. He’s not a fan of fireworks or thunder, but calms down with a bit of snuggling. Rocky is a bit of a local celebrity, and recently visited a nearby softball park. He charmed everyone he met, from 3 years old to 90, and he quickly learned that belly rubs are The BEST. He wagged his tail at every other dog he saw. He also loves riding in a golf cart. Rocky is being fostered in Hoopston, IL (just north of Danville).