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  • Male
  • Black Lab mix
  • 5-6 years
  • Fostered In:
    Champaign, IL
  • Status:

Remington is a very cute 5-6 year old black Lab mix that weighs 66 lbs. Remi is house-trained, and well-behaved in the home, but given the opportunity will counter-surf and will eat inappropriate things (socks), both typical Lab traits.

Remi is smart as a whip and wants to learn! He has a great recall, a beautiful sit, takes treats gently, and “waits” for his dinner. Weekly he gets his dinner in a puzzle toy which helps to ‘work’ his brain. Afterwards he enjoys playing fetch with his foster Mom. He also loves a good brushing or just being petted – especially his ears and his lower back. He bonds quickly, and while not overly cuddly, he will kindly ‘ask’ to be petted.

When Remi came into rescue he had intense barking and active trigger issues towards other dogs. This continues to be the case when he’s in an unfamiliar situation or sees unfamiliar dogs. He is being fostered across from a very active dog park and he no longer barks or even pays much attention to all the dogs coming and going. His foster Mom has worked with him on some training techniques that distract and redirect him.

Remi would do best as an only dog, but with a slow introduction and supervision, he may be able to coexist with the right canine companion. His foster Mom has a mini long-haired Dachshund that Remi gets along well with. However, he has an issue with her black Lab so they are separated.

Remi needs a minimum 5ft fenced yard for play time and exercise. (He does pull hard on a leash) His foster thinks he would enjoy training activities such as Agility and Sniffer Dog, if the trainer/facility could accommodate his dog reactivity issues.

Remi LOVES people and will make an excellent loving companion dog for a household that does not have young children living in the home or cats. He is being fostered in Champaign, IL.

Check out these videos below to see how well Remi is doing!