Adopted Labs


  • Male
  • Chocolate
  • 5-6 years
  • Fostered In:
    Bloomington, IN
  • Status:

Perro is a 5-6 year old chocolate Lab who will make someone a wonderful family member. He is up to date with his shots, housetrained, and gets along splendidly with his foster parents’ dog. He knows “sit”, “down”, “stay”, and comes when called. He needs leash training but is eager to learn and to please. When he get excited he hops up and down with joy (a sight to see!) but he does not jump up on people. His future adoptive family should have a traditionally fenced yard, since he likes chasing rabbits and squirrels. At the same time, he is also content lying at your feet or sitting next to you in the garden. He is fine around cats. Perro is super-affectionate and will love you to the end of the world if you let him. He thrives on loving attention and will be very loyal to his future owner(s).

Perro is currently fostered in Bloomington, IN in a household with two adults and a service dog. He has assimilated very well. We hope he will find a forever home with loving owners.

He is going to be neutered in early April and will be available soon thereafter.