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  • Male
  • Yellow
  • 1.5 yrs.
  • Fostered In:
    Indianapolis, IN
  • Status:

Max is 1 1/2 yrs old and very much still in the puppy stage. He may not have been well socialized in his earlier life but in the time he has spent with the foster family, he has shown huge improvement each day. He is now living with a large Lab and gets along fine with him though likes to instigate playtime so needs to be with a dog that can handle puppy play. Cats are unknown. Max needs lots of exercise. He is used to walking/running 3-6 miles a day and could keep on going. A combination of these walks/runs along with a yard he can run in is probably the perfect combination. He is currently living in the city so the free running around is not something he can get but you can tell it would be ideal for him. Max needs as much attention and training as if he was still a puppy. However, the progress he makes each day is pretty awesome. He listens to commands and reacts to them. It really won’t take long for him to be a great behaved dog with consistency and patience. He is a complete sweetheart. Max rides very well in cars, has no problem being crated, he eats well and is gentle when offered treats. He does need to have something at all times to chew on. He has not chewed anything he is not supposed to but he does love to chew! There are a lot of new noises and experiences for him right now, and he handles them better every day. Max will need to be trained on how to walk on a leash. He is only curious with passing dogs and other people but he’s a young, strong Lab and has much to learn. Max is going to be an awesome, well behaved doggy and he wants to be good! This handsome boy is being fostered in Indianapolis, IN.