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  • Male
  • Yellow
  • 13 months
  • Fostered In:
    Brazil, IN
  • Status:

Meet Ferris! A 13 month old full blooded yellow Lab. Now before you run to the adoption page, there are a few things about Ferris you should know. He’s very sweet, house trained, crate trained and is very playful in nature. However – there can be 2 kinds of Labs. The lazy kind….and the kind that needs a tremendous amount of exercise, patience, and mental work. Ferris is the latter. He comes from a wonderful home, with great care, but the owners were just not able to give him the kind of exercise or continue the mental work that Ferris needs. He is a strong dog. Labs naturally pull and zig zag on walks – and Ferris is a normal zag! He also got away with stealing remotes, and jumping across furniture (that would include coffee tables!), so he needs redirection and not punishment. He’s walking better on a gentle leader and is learning some rules. He gets along great with our dogs and loves to play chase with his foster Mom! Ferris needs a home with a traditional fenced yard. He’s also not a fan of being alone, and will find things to chew when feeling bored. Although he’s crate trained, he’s learning that its just his place to sleep, and not for punishing his behavior. Ferris would do great as a second dog with another playful buddy. He’s not particularly interested in the cat at his foster home. He would do best with older kids, and definitely a home that is active and plans to make sure he gets continual training and exercise. In the Jeep, he just laid down on the back seat. (He’s not afraid, but he’s just unsure). He’s submissive with other dogs and new people, but is quick to warm up. He’s going to be a great dog! He just needs a little coaching, a lot of exercise and a lot of love. He’ll give all that love back and then some. Ferris is fostered in Brazil, IN.