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  • Female
  • Black Lab Mix
  • 8 mos.
  • Fostered In:
    South Chicago Suburbs
  • Status:

I’m Daisy, an eight-month old female black Lab mix. Already I show so much promise for being a loyal, good friend. My foster person thinks I’m Lab with Feist hound mixed in. This means in addition to being a dog that loves long walks, fetching and cuddling, I’m also a very fast runner, very focused on the skills of a hunter, an expressive barker, and independent-minded. I could probably leap a shorter fence. Absolutely, I need rigorous training. Because I’m still a puppy, I love to chew things, am almost house-trained, and still learning how to be quiet in my crate. Whoever had me, probably kept me outside on a tether, so I’m just learning the ways of an indoor dog. My former owner cared so little for me that I didn’t really know my name, and my collar grew into my neck. My neck is fine now, with no scar. My fur is soft and plush. I have a cute white spot on my chest with black spots, just like Lab/Feist mixes. I love my Lab companions, and people also. Cats would not be the best for me, because I’m playful and energetic. I’m fostered in the south Chicago suburbs.