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  • Female
  • Black Lab Mix
  • 10 months
  • Fostered In:
    South Chicago Suburbs
  • Status:

Hello I’m Daisy, a 10-month old female black Lab mix. Already I show so much promise for being a loyal, good friend. I am a youngster so I have many new things to learn! In addition to being a dog that loves long walks, fetching and playing with other dogs, I’m also a very fast runner. My foster says I am very smart and agile so I could figure out how to leap a shorter fence. I stick around and am learning to come when called, because I love to be inside with my people and pack. I am learning that the crate is a safe place to be but cuddling up at your feet on a couch or bed or sleeping on your lap is fine with me too!

Because I’m still a puppy, I love to chew things so small children in the house that might drop toys would not be good for my new home. My former owner cared so little for me that I didn’t really know my name, and my collar grew into my neck which is fine now, with no scar. My black fur is soft and plush. I have a cute white spot on my chest with black spots. I love to play with my Lab companions and people also. Cats are an unknown but might be chased! I’m fostered in the southwest Chicago suburbs.