Adopted Labs


  • Male
  • Black
  • 1 year
  • Status:

This is Cody, a gorgeous, energetic 1 year old black Lab who weighs 70 lbs. He was found as a stray and has plenty of energy, is smart as a whip, is housebroken, and is eager to earn his spot as Perfect Lab in your pack. This friendly, loving boy will blossom in the right environment. Cody is very active, enjoys going on walks, playing ball, and LOVES to play with other dogs. He would do best with a family where someone is home during the day and has a second dog to play (cats are unknown) with and/or comfort him when people are away. He will need to continue his obedience training but knows basic commands such as sit, come, and leave it. He has learned to stay off of furniture and is a great sleeper. He currently sleeps in his own dog bed next to his foster parents. He responds very well when his name is called. He’s been neutered and had all his vaccinations. Cody would benefit from a traditional fenced yard because he’s a typical energetic young Lab! Cody does have some separation anxiety and would benefit from having a “dedicated space” to stay in while people are aware vs. a traditional crate. He needs a patient, loving home where he can relax, continue learning basic manners (which he will totally master), and truly blossom. This boy has tremendous potential. He loved playing with the female Lab at his foster home, but also loves to chill out and lounge. He can be a bit mouthy sometimes (gentle nibbling) and jumps up for attention, but he’s very smart and has already come a long way in the short time he’s been in foster care. Cody has enjoyed his days in doggie day care playing with the other dogs.

A few notes from his amazing foster Dad:

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Cody 2446 playing with Hazel