Adopted Labs

Brooks (male) & Leia (female)

  • Male
  • Lab/Shepherd Mix
  • 8 weeks
  • Status:

Look at these beautiful sweet puppies!!! They are 8 weeks old and learning so much — how to go potty outside, how to stop chewing on each other when they hear a yelp, and how to keep everyone from wanting to stop and get puppy snuggles. Leia is black with white and charcoal accents and Brooks is black with buff/light tan underbelly, but those eyes!! ❤️  These puppies were born on February 19, 2023. The Vet identified them as Lab/Shepherd mixes; both are heathy and adoptable.

Brooks is a fun, sweet and playful boy pup that is laid-back and learning so many new things. He is working on house training. He is easily distracted to play with a toy when redirected. He really responds to praise and seems to want to please. He is cuddly and he’s eager to give snuggles. He is black with a buff/light tan underbody with beautiful green gold eyes.

Leia is spunky and full of energy. She is very smart and is learning to go potty outside on command. She is picking this up very quickly. She is very playful and is continually prodding her brother to play or falls right to sleep in a heap next to him. Leia is also very responsive to being praised and will sit and wait for your direction. Leia is black with white underbody, charcoal freckles on her face & nose as well as touches of buff on her legs. She has beautiful green gold eyes.

For more information contact Kristi Pentz at 765-278-5798.