Central Indiana Lab Rescue & Adoption

Lab Puppy


Message from CILRA’s Board of Directors:

As we navigate through COVID-19, we hope you and your family have not been affected. While the current situation is fluid, CILRA is working on ways to continue operating during this situation.

While rescues are deemed essential and are allowed to continue to operate, we must operate in a manner that is safe for our volunteers and others.

Adoption Applications – For now, instead of doing a home visit with a volunteer and family, we are conducting “Virtual Home Visits”. Through these “Virtual Home Visits” we’re able to ascertain the needed information to help families find their Forever Lab.

When a family has been matched with a dog, it’s essential for an actual “Meet & Greet”. For now, CILRA’s goal is for these meetings to happen outside with volunteers and adopters practicing social distancing, using hand sanitizers, and wiping Labs down with antiseptic wipes and wearing gloves if needed.

For those giving up a Lab to CILRA, Lab identification visits must follow the same rules. Visit should be outside with proper social distancing and sanitizers. If a visit cannot be scheduled, CILRA will look at doing a “Virtual” identification.

Our goal is to keep everyone safe. Fortunately, CILRA has volunteers to reach out to help in the effort of helping Labs get their happy ending. It is because of these volunteers, we are confident we can continue to rescue the dogs that need help.