We needed your financial help, and you came through!

A big THANK YOU to all of you that made a donation, whether large or small, each and every donation mattered! Your contributions made an impact on helping us reach our goal to fill in the financial gap we faced at the beginning of the year. We also appreciate your encouraging words that often accompanied your donation. Since January, 60 CILRA dogs were placed into loving homes and we have taken in 55 dogs. Your giving helped us to help the lovable Labradors!

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In the past year we have seen an unprecedented uptick in the number of dogs that need rescue and CILRA has responded in a good way! Because of this increased need we are seeking your support to avoid a future financial shortfall, and to help us continue rescuing these deserving dogs!
In January/February, CILRA rescued 36 dogs – a 140% increase from the prior year. (Rescues in 2022 totaled 103.) In the last two months we have taken in 20 puppies, including two litters – which have all been adopted. While this is a great success, our adoption fee alone does not completely cover the cost of medical care for our foster dogs. We rely on and need donors like yourself to help us fill the gap. CILRA’s mission is to continue helping the increased number of dogs needing rescue.

Of course, great success in helping more dogs means additional veterinary expenses. The cost of veterinarian care has increased significantly. Our veterinarian costs more than doubled in just the first two months of this year compared to last year. Before a CILRA dog is adopted, all veterinary care costs (vaccines, spay/neuter and necessary medical procedures) are covered by CILRA.

Periodically we encounter a Lab with special needs that requires even additional funds, like five-year-old Bambi, that had several litters of puppies prior to being surrendered. When she came to us, she had a serious case of mastitis, a bacterial infection that can have life threatening consequences. Mastitis is most frequently seen in the post-partum period after a dog gives birth. A radical mastectomy and spay surgery were done in order to save Bambi and allow her to have a happy, healthy life!

And there is Walter, the senior dog loved by everyone he meets! Click here for Walter’s sweet story.

Every dog deserves a second chance, and with your financial support we can continue our mission to save and protect Labradors. If your budget allows, please consider donating – every dollar is important and all money goes to the care of the dogs. All donations are tax deductible! Several different methods of donating are available:

* Donate via the CILRA website
* Donate via Venmo: @CILRA-Labs
* Donate via Stripe
* Mail a check to CILRA, P.O. Box 17485, Indianapolis, IN  46217

We appreciate any size donation. And, PLEASE, share these stories and this message with your family and friends! The lovable Labradors appreciate your financial help!

— CILRA Board of Directors