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Spotlight on Levi!

Hi fellow Lab lovers! We wanted to give you an update on 10 year old Levi…….Levi came into the rescue in the beginning of January, an owner surrender that lived outside for most of his life.  His family thought he was “becoming to much” so they decided to send him to animal control and be done with him….and that’s how he found his way to CILRA.  Since Levi came into his foster home he’s been very shy and slow to trust his new humans and doggie friends. However he has had a transformation because of the love he has received.  He loves to be petted but is slow to approach and will retreat if you go toward him too quickly as he’s not sure what to expect. He probably wasn’t treated well or got much lovin’ in his prior life. As soon as you are able to pet him though, he leans in closer to you…..and I can tell he loves the attention.  As far as doggie friends go, Levi is tolerant of his foster brother and sister. He would really prefer to have female dog friends not males. Levi and Roxy have run around the yard a little (Levi does need a fenced yard) and I could sense that he was enjoying it for a little while. In the house though, he prefers to be left alone by the other dogs.  We hope some day very soon we can find Levi the best, most loving home we can….someone who is looking to give all their love to a nice, senior boy who just wants to be loved and have a nice soft bed to lay on for the rest of his precious life……Will you be the hero that saves Levi??