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Lab Puppy


[Shared by Foster Mom Jessica A.]


I am entering hour 4 with Junior & here’s what he has to say about it so far—
“I got a bath at the pet store and met some really nice people! I had never been to a store before, I just really wanted to say hi to everyone!! Foster mom (fomo) figured out I had never seen stairs before (or should I say the death slope). I’m a really smart boy though and with lots of encouragement from foster mom & treats I learned how to tackle those bad boys in under an hour!! I’m a HEAVY boy and fomo thinks I weigh closer to 60 or 65 pounds. I tried to chase the cat and she swiped at me—I got reeeeeally scared and now I leave her alone and hide when she comes in the room. I think we might become better friends with time but right now that cat is SCARY!! I didn’t have any toys when fomo picked me up, so she let me pick some out at the pet store. I love squeakies! We’re going to try to settle in for the night! More updates to come!”

Quick update!!

“Junior here–Day 2 was a little scarier. Fomom left for work in the morning and I decided to go find her! I escaped my crate and waited patiently at the basement door for her to come back and hear my cries. At lunch she came home and found me and we snuggled a lot. Then that stinker put me BACK in my crate! I had just escaped, why would she make me do all that work again?? Anywho, I escaped again…. but this time I threw a bit of a temper tantrum. I found a way into the cupboard where I know she stores my food and treats!! I was a good boy and only ate half the bag of treats (I think I deserve some belly rubs for self control) and only shredded some empty boxes. When she got home from work we went for a short walk and I was such a good boy, I LOVE going for walks with Fomom. We smell new things and she talks to me in her happy voice when I sit nicely before we cross the street. I like when people use their happy voice. Last night we went to what Fomom called “the vet” — I think they should rename that lady “the pet” cause she gave me yummy treats and endless belly rubs! I had so much fun at the vet, I even met a MACKAW! Did you know birds can live almost 50 years?? I need to find out their secret to youth… more on that later. I saw a display of heart wormies and they looked YUCKY, so it’s a good thing my test came back negative!! I had to get a couple needle pokes, but I handled them like a champ (are we surprised?). The vet says I have some sort of battery infection on my nosey?? I don’t know what a battery infection is, but my batteries feel fully charged! The vet gave me something called antibiotics for my battery infection, but I don’t even notice them because Fomom puts them in my food and I eat it alllll up!! The vet is having Fomom give me small pink pills for breakfast… I think she calls them “bed-adryl” because it’s supposed to make me sleeeeeepy. Fomo set up an appointment for me to get “fixed” on Monday. I don’t understand, she keeps telling me I’m perfect so why do I have to be fixed?? There’s nothing wrong with me!! Anyway, I really don’t mind my crate as long as I can see people or other doggies. I sleep nicely in it all night as long as I can see Fomom. I like her a lot. There’s another guy that comes to visit me and give me treats and kisses and I like him a lot too!! Fomom calls him her friend, but I think he’s really there to see me! I met my foster brother yesterday and we both had waggy tails but he barked at me… he barks LOUD!!! I had to lean against Fomom to make sure I was safe, but then we had lots of kisses and more happy tails! Fomom tells me that tonight I get to play with foster brother for the first time in my all-time favorite place…. the BACKYARD!!!! I met the neighbor dogs and we have so much fun. I love everyone and everything and I am just sooooo happy when I get to spend time with my peoples and friends! Oh, and when I get to play with my squeakies…. when Fomom and I play together I just put my head in her lap and squeak my squeakies for hours, that makes me soooo happy. Uh-oh…. the “bed-adryls” are kicking in, gotta snooze… check back in later!!!”