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Dooley (aka Taz)

Hi!! I wanted to give you an update in Taz! His name is now Dooley (Doo for short!). He has blended into the family seamlessly. Since we were visiting family when I adopted him, he spent a couple of days at his new mawmaw and pawpaw’s house in Kokomo, Indiana. He was very good, quiet, and friendly. He and his new sister Grace (a Pit mix) loved to play! He then got to stay in a hotel on his way to his new home. He was very excited by all of the other dogs staying in the hotel! He travels really well in the car and sleeps the whole way! Now he is settling in his new home in North Carolina!!! He’s slowly becoming a southern boy!! We have to get him used to his boundaries before being off leash. But, he is doing well on a 60 foot lead to explore part of the two acres of land that is now his. I believe he is hearing all sorts of new noises including the neighbors rooster! Unfortunately I went back to work shortly after getting home. Dooley has had free roam of the house and no accidents. He bounces uncontrollably when I get home! He plays with his sister, Grace. He got to visit his new veterinarian and local pet store already. He got LOTS of lovin’! Dr. Lawrence gave him belly rubs. He is now microchipped. Then, the nice people at Rollover Pets gave him treats and rubs. He got to meet a 14 month old Mastiff puppy on her first outing and he was great!! He was so excited he came home and crashed as you can see in the photo below. He seems really comfortable already! He is excited when I get home, he plays with his sister. He even got playing with me tonight. He is sleeping through the night. He is learning new commands like, “wait”. He curls up in the bed for a little while in the evenings with me and Grace. Then, he’ll sleep on the giant dog bed we have in the living room. He’s not as nervous or drooling as much as he was initially. He is still a drooler, though. We call him Drooly Dooley! LOL! We even say that Grace is going to be the cleanest or grossest dog in the county since Dooley is constantly licking her ears & face! She’s always wet!! Dooley has just quickly become a member of the family! You would think he had been here awhile how he acts and it’s been only a few days!!! We couldn’t be happier!!! He is SO worth the trip to get him!! I don’t think I could have asked for a better match for my Gracie! Thank you SO much!!! I will definitely give you updates on Dooley! We are planning some play dates already with some being with pups at the rescue that I work with. We have 2 pit pups, Bonnie and Clyde, that are 8 months old. They would LOVE to play with this big guy!! He’s really going to be a blessing to have around the rescue and fosters! I look forward to many more years with this sweet lug of a guy!!! LOVE me some Dooley!!! Sincerely, Chris S.