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Brodie & Teresa

One word comes to mind to describe the adoption of Brodie……..AWESOME!  During my search for a dog and desire to help a dog in need, I found CILRA to be a great organization to work with.  My interest was in an older dog that needed a home.  Was looking for a dog that would enjoy long walks, a good snuggle on a lazy morning, and one that would happily greet me at the door after a workday.  My search ended when I was contacted about Brodie.  The day I met him I knew he was the perfect dog.

Brodie was being cared for by a very loving foster family, Barb and Dan Lawhorn.  They made the transition very easy and took it upon themselves to care for Brodie while I took a pre-planned vacation.  They set the tone for a wonderful adoption.  With their caring warm hand-off, Brodie handled the move like a champ. He is settling in to his new home and learning new things every day.

Previously, Brodie did not have much experience with walking on a leash.  He brought some great manners with him but knew walking with a leash would be a focus.  In two short weeks, Brodie has all but mastered this task.  We continue to practice with a trainer and conduct the necessary homework but the hard work and pat on the back goes to Brodie.

We are both signed up to participate on a team for the annual Mutt Strut in April.  I have all the confidence in the world he will enjoy displaying his talent and showing off his good looks on the Indy Track with all of the other fine dogs out there.  He is an exceptional dog.

Someone was looking out for me and my desire for a new dog…….I was the lucky one.